NEW YORKOct. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — FinTech Studios™, a leading cloud platform of AI-based financial information, FinTech apps and big-data analytic products operated in partnership with top FinTech startups, financial institutions, data providers and strategic partners, announced today that  FTSWidgets™, a library of AI-based financial data and analytics widgets, will be available in the fourth quarter of 2017 on Symphony’s cloud-based messaging and collaboration platform. FinTech Studios will demonstrate the FTSWidgets technology during the Symphony Innovate 2017 event in New York City, and Jim Tousignant, the founder and CEO of FinTech Studios, will also speak on the Research and Content Panel at the event.

FinTech Studios will launch a growing library of more than thirty FTSWidgets, which will greatly accelerates app development and integration for financial institutions and app developers to create, integrate and deploy tailored highly configurable dashboards, web widgets and apps.

FinTech Studios’ unique FTSWidgets cloud technology leverages machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP) technology and automates the real-time intelligent discovery and analysis of relevant business and financial content from millions of financial, business and social web sites, blogs, news, research, government and online sources. This innovation seamlessly links this information to actionable market data, research, apps and big-data analytics to simplify and enrich information discovery, research, analysis, workflow and collaboration.

FinTech Studios’ AI-based platform operates in Amazon’s AWS cloud and™ intelligently discovers and analyzes news, research and market data in real-time from millions of online sources and proprietary databases. FinTech Studios products provide timely and relevant business intelligence, news, research, analytics and financial insight for investors, financial professionals and business executives and target a growing market of millions of investors, portfolio managers, research analysts, bankers, brokers, traders, financial advisors, RIAs and business executives at banks, brokerage firms, asset management firms, hedge funds, financial advisory firms, private equity and venture capital firms, family offices and public and private companies.

“Symphony’s secure collaboration platform and growing network of over 230,000 users currently have access to FinTech Studios real-time news, research, market data and big-data analytics, leveraging advance artificial intelligence and machine learning. With the introduction of FTSWidgets on Symphony, we will be able to provide Symphony clients with even greater scalability and flexibility by integrating modular, cloud-based intelligent widgets, and we expect this new capability will help fuel further adoption of the Symphony platform,” said Jim Tousignant, founder and CEO of FinTech Studios.

“We are excited about the introduction of FinTech Studios’ widget technology on Symphony. This will enable our growing client base develop and deploy highly configurable dashboards that will help users discover, visualize and share relevant and timely financial information and analytics on Symphony,” said Frederic Stemmelin, Vice President, Business Development at Symphony.

About Fintech Studios 

FinTech Studios’ cloud platform seamlessly integrates FinTech apps, news, research, financial data and big-data analytics from dozens of cloud partners and millions of websites, online sources and proprietary financial databases in real-time, leveraging advanced machine learning, artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) technology. FinTech Studios was founded in 2014 by Jim Tousignant, the Company’s CEO, who previously was co-founder and President of Multex, a leading online research and financial information platform that went public in 1999 and achieved a market cap of $1.5 billion.

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