Generate Alpha with Intelligence

FinTech Studios Alpha Intelligence for Quants is a data feed providing global financial market focused content designed for use in models, algorithmic trading functions, in-house analytics and business intelligence



Unique Content Drives Knowledge

Data is curated with best-in-class Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology that now analyzes over 1 million articles per day and over 990+ million articles stored since 2016 driving a database of historically significant intelligence.



Deep History and Deeper Relationships

FinTech Studios has a custom-built 6.5M entity consistent taxonomy database, trained with the assistance of subject matter experts, allowing for scalable automated real-time curation of global content. Unique entities are joined for value-added relationship mapping and pattern visualization.



Drive Better Business Decisions

Surface ideas and insights beyond previous mainstream correlations.

Drive faster business decisions with a higher quality dataset specifically built with value as the foundation of the content.

Compliment other datasets with data that provides a global view from English and non-English sources


Alpha Intelligence for Quants Sale Sheet