Never miss important information

We sift through millions of data sources in real-time to find the best content for you.

Intelligent algorithms distill data from millions of sources to deliver customized news feeds, market insights, alerts, and analytics that match your interests and needs.


Only see content you care about

Our robust data tagging system enables delivery of fine-tuned, custom content for you.

We track over 80,000 companies, 600+ topics, 300+ geographic regions, 20,000+ people, and 2,000 ETFs in 1mm+ news articles each day in 32 different languages. We connect these tags with news, analytics, and market data to provide holistic views of entities, events, and trends.


Gain deeper market insights

We leverage our unique dataset to generate timely and novel analytics. tracks inter-entity relationships, real-time events, and media velocity analytics to identify and alert you on breaking news, evolving trends, and market opportunities.


Completely versatile can be used in almost any environment.

You can access as a full web application, or as individual component pieces that can be embedded in other platforms.